How to Reach Puyuhuapi from Puerto Montt and from Coyhaique

There is more than one route to Puyuhuapi, and a good alternative is to combine them.
The Camino Longitudinal Austral, better known as the "Carretera" (or Highway), is mostly a gravel road. It is possible to drive it by car, although some recommend a truck or sport utility vehicle. From Puerto Montt, you can take the interior route via Argentina: Puyehue Pass to Bariloche to Esquel to Trevelin to Futaleufú Pass, and continue to the south. In this case, we suggest that you take one of the ferries on your return trip so you don't miss the beauty of the Chilean fjords. Of course you may choose to come by sea and leave by land. For those arriving in their own boats, Puyuhuapi Marina offers slips or you can anchor in our sheltered waters.

You may fly to Coyhaique (airport in Balmaceda) and continue from there. As a matter of fact, Puyuhuapi has a very nice airstrip, if you happen to have your own plane!

Several bus lines run along the Carretera Austral, stopping at various small towns. In summer, they are often full. Below we give you a list.

Of course you may also rent a car in Coyhaique or Balmaceda (or in Puerto Montt, Bariloche, etc). It is not cheap but the most comfortable alternative. Attention: If you want to cross the border with the car, it needs a special permit. Remind your car rental.

Apart from the big travel agencies on the Chilean mainland, we work with “Turismo Pehuen” www.turismopehuen.cl, consultas@turismopehuen.cl in Castro/Chiloe.
In Chaitén, our friend Nicolas Lapenna has a small agency and the bus terminal. He offers excursions up the Chaitén Volcano who erupted spectacularly in 2008. He is a native English speaker and can help you with bus, ferry and airplane tickets from and to Chaitén. “Chaitur“, nchaitur@hotmail.com, www.chaitur.com, 974685608, 652731429 .



Puerto Montt – Coyhaique (Airport: Balmaceda)



Sky Airline


Puerto Montt – Chaitén

2 lines (small plains), Aeropewen and Aerocord.



The ferries leave a lot to be desired when it comes to comfort and punctuality. If you plan to board your vehicle, you should make a reservation, but unfortunately, the homepage taustral.cl does not accept reservations with foreign credit cards. 

The ferries operate along the following routes.

Puerto Montt – Chaitén (7-12 hours, depending on the ship)

Hornopirén – Caleta Gonzalo (5-6 hours)

La Arena – Chaitén ( 10 hours)

Quellón – Chaitén ( 6 hours)

Quellón – Puerto Cisnes (12 hours or more depending on the ship)

Quellón – Puerto Chacabuco ( 26-28 hours)


Agencies of Naviera Austral:

Puerto Montt: Terminal de Transbordadores, Angelmó 1673, Phone 65-2270430, -31, -32, reservas@navieraustral.cl

Hornopiren: 652217266


Chaitén: Tel. 065-2731011. Agent: Sandra Millapinda. Very helpful, speaks only Spanish. smillapinda@navieraustral.cl


Quellón: Tel. 652682207

Pto. Cisnes: Cel. 984482837, Olivia Gómez.




Unless stated otherwise, buses stop in:

Coyhaique: Lautaro and Magallanes (Bus Terminal)

Puyuhuapi: Downtown. (But you might ask the driver to leave you at Casa Ludwig).

Futaleufú: Balmaceda s/n ("Ruta Express") 065-2721360

Chaitén: O'Higgins 67 (“Chaitur") (09)74685608, 065-2731429



- Daily Puyuhuapi-Coyhaique-Puyuhuapi. Departure from P. at 5:50 a.m., from C. at 3:00 p.m. Travel time 4,5 horas.

During the tourist season, they usually offer also trips between Coyhaique and Chaitén, with stops in Puyuhuapi, La Junta and Villa Santa Lucía. 

La Junta: Tel. 672 314 400

Puyuhuapi: stops at “Nido de Puyes” (plaza) 672 325 131

Coyhaique : 672 254 335


“Águilas Patagónicas”

During the tourist season, they will probably offer the trip Coyhaique-Puyuhuapi in similar terms as Terraustral. Ask 672 211 288.

“Buses Becker” 

contacto@busesbecker.com, www.busesbecker.com

672 232 167, 984 652 959, 985 547 774

Coyhaique: Gral. Parra 335 Int.

Puyuhuapi: stops in front of the gymnasium.

Offers several trips a week from Coyhaique to Chaitén and Futaleufú, with stops in Puyuhuapi, La Junta and Villa Santa Lucía. 

“Bronco” 999 520 907

No sabemos si sigue viajando.

Recorrido Lago Verde – La Junta – Puyuhuapi – Coyhaique.


“Entre Verdes” 995 103 196

Mon, Wed and  Fri Puyuhuapi – Puerto Cisnes.

 “Río Palena” 652 741 319

Daily Palena - Villa Santa Lucía – Chaitén.


Heriberto Klein 

Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda - La Junta. 

Ask at the Oficina Municipal in La Junta, 672 314 115


“Kemel Bus”: Terminal Puerto Montt (652 253 530 ) or Chaitén (see “Chaitur”)

Daily 2 trips Puerto Montt – Chaitén and vice versa, in combination with the ferries. 


We do our best to keep this information updated. If you have questions, please contact us.